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2nd Student Film Festival 2023

2nd Student Film Festival 2023

  • Monday, June 12, 2023:

School of Primary Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Tower of the Faculty of Education, 10th floor, Thessaloniki

  • Tuesday, June 13, 2023:

Film School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Iconiou 1, Stavroupoli,

  • Organization:

Regional Thematic Network “Film Education”, Film School (AUTH), Faculty of Education (AUTH), with the support of many collaborators.


More than 25 student films, created within the network’s educational activities, will be screened.

The festival is open to the public and to school community members.

With the support of the Film Office-Central Macedonia


One can watch it live as well as online through the following link:…




Περιφέρεια Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας

Αυτοτελές Τοπικό Γραφείο Διευκόλυνσης Οπτικοακουστικών Παραγωγών (Film Office)


26ης Οκτωβρίου 64, 546 27 Θεσσαλονίκη

+30 2313 319263 [Α. Μυλωνάκη – Aναπληρώτρια προϊσταμένη]
+30 2313 319164 [Δ. Αρβανίτου – Σύμβουλος παραγωγών & συντονίστρια ο/α έργων]                                    +30 2313 319326 [Χ. Ζέζιου – Συνεργάτης  τεχνικής υποστήριξης]

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Region of Central Macedonia

Film Office – Central Macedonia


64, 26th Octovriou Str, 54627 Thessaloniki, Greece

+30 2313 319263 [A. Milonaki –  Head of Film Office-Central Macedonia]
+30 2313 319164 [D. Arvanitou – production support advisor & project co-ordinator]

Developed by STANDARD GASTON SOLUTIONS © 2023. All Rights Reserved

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